not a good day. When you’re depressed, it’s actually kind of difficult to write on a blog that makes you super excited. Ugh-neurons.

When you have borderline, you are constantly up and down. Today is a down day. What triggered it? Well, various reasons and yes this blog is intended to be very open, but there are some things I won’t share. I apologize. However, I’ll give you the Disney insight.

This morning started with torrential downpours. I love rain, so having to wake up and get ready for work was really depressing. Before work actually consisted of a doctor’s appointment. That was super fun! NOT. Actually, let me quit being dramatic. The doctor’s appointment wasn’t bad at all. I love my doctor. She is just a swell human being. The not so fun part was the part where my credit card wouldn’t work to pay off my $4 bill.


Ugh, Brittany keeps forgetting that when she purchases something NOT in the US, her bank thinks its fraud. This is like, so totally annoying. *Says my other personality* Kudos to my bank for keeping me safe…I guess?

Yes, that’s right everyone. You’ve guessed it. I purchased my dress and clutch for the TONY AWARDS. This is what ruined my credit card this morning.

giphy (1)



Shoes-I mean, I know what I want, but wez is poe right now.

Hair- I got nothin’. I have no idea how I want to do my hair for this event. Ideas?


By the way, in case you were wondering, my insides are fine today, (I think). The brain, however, is not. I shall spend the rest of my work day in a state of depressed haze with a side of nagging anxiety.

Is it time to go home yet? Oh wait, it’s Friday……………right?