Oh man. Let me tell you. I bought a waist trainer two weeks ago and don’t get me wrong I love it, but NOT TODAY. I mean, how long should a woman sit at a desk and not slouch? Lord have mercy.

Well, let me be clear about something. Today was my first day wearing my waist trainer to the gym. Dundundunnnnn. Yeah, that’s right, ya girl has been wearing a waist trainer for two weeks with no gym time and hoping that the fat will just pack into invisible pockets and disappear. THAT’S NOT REAL LIFE!

OYE VEY! My insides hurt like no body’s business right now. Is this normal? I mean, all I did was some speed walking on the treadmill pretending like I was chasing Tarzan through the trees as he saved Margot Robbie.

I bet you she doesn’t need a waist trainer…must be nice.

Anywho… let’s just say the rest of my afternoon at work was highly uncomfortable, and I couldn’t count down the minutes fast enough before it was time to go home. I don’t think my coworkers would appreciate me ripping off my undergarments at work, so I spared them the pleasantries.

Oh my gawd when I got home. SWEET BUTTERY BABY JESUS. The feeling of taking off a waist trainer is better than eating cake. Any cake. The fat can just rollllllllll. FREEDOM. If my stomach could clap it would… well it can… if I sit the right way and move this way or that way? ANYWAY. The point is- waist trainers are great and all, but removing them from your sweaty abdomen is even better. 

Yes. I just wrote a whole blog post about my day in a waist trainer. I bet it won’t be the only one considering I’ve got to get Tony Award ready. *hair flip* 

I think I’ll go stretch out the squished organs now. I hope they still work tomorrow.