Who is Julian Marsh? HOW.DARE.YOU. He’s doin’ a show!

You’re welcome.

I have serious gasoline britches. I haven’t even been on my first New York trip of the year yet, and I am already anticipating my next move. My parents went to Germany, Austria, and London 3 weeks ago, so it’s going to be easy to talk them into going to London again. Why London? WELL, CHECK THAT VIDEO OUT RIGHT UP THERE ^^^^^ Oh, and Tom Hardy. Duh.

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Tony Awards Update:

I still have no date to the awards. Now let me be clear when I say date. I don’t just want any date. I want a date that can get me into the VIP after party…oh… right… and a date that I can have a good time with. *silly me, that’s always a must, right?* I’m not being greedy. I’m humbly asking for some celebrity to see how gorgeous I look in my Tony Awards get up, (cause let me tell you, my dress is GORGEOUS), and be like HAY, YOU, YEAH YOU, I want to take you with me to the afterparty and we can schmooze the crowd. DEAL. Preferred celebrities: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tom Hardy.

Let’s be real though. Tom Hardy won’t be there and Hugh Jackman will be preoccupied I’m sure since he’s Mr. Broadway pretty much, but he would be super fun to hang out with. Jake Gyllenhaal would be my best bet. Can we make this happen?

However, let’s be real. I’m not picky. I’m grateful to just be going to the awards. I just want to have the most fun I can while I’m there. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, until I work on Broadway. But nothing in life is guaranteed I suppose. Sorry, had to keep it real and get deep there. Keep me on the ground and not in clouds. *cries*

I also thought of a problem yesterday… I am not staying anywhere when I go up there because I will just be there for 24 hours, so I have nowhere to put my clothes when I change…*panics* Does this mean I need to buy an Airbnb for literally 6 hours? UGH. Can a nice little coffee shop hold my stuff? I need friends. HELP. 

BPD Status: slightly numb, but in a decent mood. I didn’t take my medicine at all yesterday, so I was without for 24 hours. I actually felt fine. Anyone else have this revelation with their medication?

By the way- no waist trainer today due to the fact I can’t wear it anymore…and my BFF said I looked like I had lost weight in my waist. F!