is such a great song.

The end.


Just kidding. Well, it is a great song. I’m not kidding about that.

Well, it’s a new dawn and it’s a new day. And what’s on the mind today? Escaping. Escaping to New York City. I’ll be there soon enough, but I know I have to come back. That makes it a little more depressing.

I’ve also decided to get back on Twitter.  Why? To help expand my brand. Sike I don’t have a brand….YET. I’m still on this #helpbrittanygetadatetothetonyawards thing. The man of the hour that I want to go with is Jake Gyllenhaal. Look at me picking who I want to go to the Tony’s with like I’m actually somebody. giphy (3)

My theory is if a dude can surpass likes and retweets of Ellen Degeneres’s  Oscar selfie and get some free chicken nuggets, why can’t someone as good looking as me get a DARN DATE WITH JAKE GYLLENHAAL TO THE TONYS?!!? I mean, I have the ticket. I’m practically free. Unlike chicken nuggets which cost money. C’mon! We can make this like a Cinderella story or something. I’m not picky. I just want to have a great time. Britney Spears follows me on Twitter…Does that help????

His agent would probably see this blog and see borderline personality disorder and unfortunately look the other way. Sad world we live in isn’t it? All the stigmas. You can miss out on a great human being just because they want to be honest and help others with their honesty.

Hokay-rant over. I’ll just keep dreaming and keep on keepin’ on.

You all should totes find me on Tweeter: @brittty965

k bye.