Miss me? 

I apologize for the disappearance. It has been a very difficult week and I can’t even go to therapy this week. DANG FLABBIT. 

Anxiety is an all consuming black hole. Yeah, like the black holes in the universe that shit gets lost in, (is that how they work? It’s been a looonnggg time since astronomy that I didn’t pay attention in). Think of it like this: your mind is the universe, anxiety is the black hole, and your thoughts get lost all up in that jank and BOOM you’re a mess. A.hot.mess. After you’re already a hot mess, this dementor called depression slithers in with its long fingers and sucks your soul. 

Then here you are. Left sitting here staring at the wall like the girl from the Ring movies wondering why you were chosen with this curse in your brain. Or is it some weird blessing? 


This has basically been my week. No, I’m not looking for sympathy or pity. As I’ve said before, this blog would be an open diary of my feelings and struggles with mental illness. So, there you go. 

Would I love to be an advocate for mental illness and speak out for those who are afraid. Maybe I could resonate with people? A plus size mentally ill chick who is just trying to make it to the Tony Awards. If you lookin for someone, hayyy. 
Now’s a time to bring in positivity, says my bff. I think I’ll take her word for it and try it. Focus: two weeks until NYC, less than a month until the Tonys, (man I need to go to the gym more, or I mean Jake gyllenhaal should just want to admire me as I am, let’s be real), and who knows what next. Oh, I know what’s next. Tap classes at the beginning of the summer. 42nd Street here I come!