Yep, I sang that to the tune of ‘One Way or Another.’ I hope you did too. If not,

It’s like the world knows when you’re trying to be positive and happy. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a pretty little princess chameleon. She’s my pride and joy. After how awful last week was regarding my animals, I really don’t need anything else. GIVE A GIRL A BREAK! Well now, my sweet little Satan angel, (she’s cranky and hates everyone but me), is sick.

Let me tell you. If anything happens to this dinosaur, ya girl is going to have a manic depressive breakdown.

Why is this dragon so important to me? Well first, just look at her: 

Look at how she sleeps with her butt in the air! She really is my cold-blooded creature ❤.

Anyway, here’s our ((love)) story:

Last August we were taking my brother to the pet store to get some responsibility, aka hamsters. I curiously walked by the reptiles with no desire to get one because let’s be real, I’m as high maintenance as they come and there doesn’t need to be any other maintenance in this bubble. Anywho, the pet store had a new species to show off: chameleons. WELL COLOR ME INTRIGUED. As I was coo-ing at the cute little dragon babies, this evil little spawn started following me around the glass cage. She was climbing the glass, well attempting with no success, to get to me. Literally following me back, back forth and forth.

Sorry. Got side tracked.

Well, I decided as she was then climbing her trees to get to me that I.MUST.HAVE.HER.

But Brittany, you have cats and they live in your room, they will eat her. DANG FLABBIT. No chameleon for me, right?


The next day I went back and asked the pet store to reserve her. Apparently, that’s not a thing, but they could “strongly advise people not to buy her.” 🤔🙄 umm okay.

When I went back to get her, let’s just say she was excited to see me. The workers were trying to get her out of the cage and she was trying to eat them. Literally. Eat. Them. “She’s the mean one and has a bit of an attitude.” Great, she’s like me and I want her.

Since they were failing at their job, I asked if I could get her out of the cage. I reached my hand in there and she calmly walked onto my palm and I knew we were meant to be.

Ever since then she has been my therapy pet. Who knew a reptile could be so loving right? Now she sleeps with her face up my nose and everything.

Hopefully, she will be okay, cause if I lose her, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Prayers please for my dinosaur. ❤