Yes, Rest In Peace Chris Cornell. What a loss. 


Well everyone, my dress for the Tony Awards came today. It’s gorgeous by the way…just not on me. 

Note to self: when you buy something and you’re super confident about it, it’s not going to make you feel confident when you put it on. When are you going to learn Brittany?!?

As I put on my dress, 1) I measured myself to a T and I knew it had to fit, so when it wouldn’t go over my ghetto booty I was literally about to rage quit. 

*does some weird shimmy shake to get it over the booty* 

Huzzah! It’s on. *looks in mirror and hates self* welp. This came from China soooo….. should I show the fam? Sure why not. *walks into living room* parental units stare at me and say nothing. *must be hideous* GREAT. 

Yeah, I’m short. The dress is long. It’s a black tie event. If anyone has ever watched any award ceremony, long dresses are what’s up. I gotta make it work, okay. Can I wear two waist trainers? Who needs organs when you’re at the Tonys right? 

Oh and Jake Gyllenhaal? The way my parents made me feel when they looked at me, will a Jake even look at me and go:


*panic mode* 

Ugh. On the bright side, ya girl has a job interview next week in NYC. 

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of right? However, my poor dragon princess needs surgery before I go. 

Ups and downs and ups and downs.