As I sit here between 49th and 48th street on 6th avenue in New York City, (aka my favorite place in the entire world), I can’t help but wonder if this actually is a place where dreams come true. I’m currently watching a man sing his heart out for money to his own karaoke machine and the thing is; he actually has a great singing voice. He seems to be a great showman. Why wasn’t he given a chance? 

But you don’t know his story Brittany. 

You’re right. I don’t. But the cup of change in front of him speaks a different story. 

Meanwhile, not two hours ago, I just got out of a Broadway show; Anastasia-which was PHENOMINAL by the way. Yes, those on Broadway worked hard to get there, and some were just at the right place at the right time. 

My whole point is, there are varying degrees of work that go into this concrete jungle and it makes me worry about how I will get here and succeed. Broadway is a tough gig, especially when you aren’t even trying to audition. All I simply want to do is marketing.

Hahah simply. 

All I know is that these past few weeks have been trying. Full of trials and tribulations. But here I am in my city. By myself. Content. But not content enough. I want it to be permanent and on Broadway. Call me greedy, but I have a dream. And I want it. 

One day I guess. I still have the Tonys. 

Side note: my dinosaur princess is doing great. Her surgery went well and she’s being her demon angel self. ❤

Oh and I got pics of Ramin Karimloo 🤤🤤 and his autograph.