Ten points to GRYFFINDOR if you know what song the title of my blog today is from…

Time is dwindling. The Tonys are near. And ya girl still doesn’t have Jake Gyllenhaal on her arm to take. 😡😡 or a ticket to an after party. How does this happen?? How do peasants get into VIP after parties?? *they aren’t peasants. They are VIPs Brittany, DUH* 

shhh other personality. Don’t rain on my parade 

Le sigh. I also learned that Gyllenhaal may not even be at the Tonys 😭😭😭 what am I going to do! 

Lord halp me. Momma needs some good things to happen here. 

Ya know what. I’m going to just accept my fate, go to the tonys alone, and have a swell time. 

Time to rock the nosebleed section girl. Werk it! ……..I need a glass of wataaaa’