Guess what this week is….


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Let me catch everyone up because a lot has changed in a matter of weeks.

So, number 1: Brittany invested in a hotel. With the help of her travel agent mother, she found a cheap one that’s the size of a bathroom, but let’s be real; she needs somewhere to put her pants.

number 2: Brittany tried on the dress again with waist trainer and Spanx on and it looks pretty great. Brittany can’t breathe, but at least she looks smokin’.

*I don’t know why we are speaking in the third person, it’s the other personality*

number 3: Shoes have finally been found. Ya see, we had ordered shoes from Forever 21 and well… Brittany could hardly walk in them. She looked like she had a stick up her bum, which is a no-no. They also made her back hurt like a rhino had sat on her for 3 days, so we had to find momma a new pair of shoes! And, we did. And they are similar to the ones that made Brittany hurt. They just have a wider heel. SUCCESS.

number 4: Brittany has moved her train to a later time coming home. So that way when Jake Gyllenhaal invites her to the VIP after party, she doesn’t have to worry about catching a 3am train. Her boss also told her she would be useless on her Tony high and told her to not come in on Monday. She right, she ain’t lyin’.

number 5: Brittany has an appt with MAC in Times Square on Sunday to get her makeup professionally done, (not like she needs makeup cause she’s naturally beautiful amirite?).  Our only issue is that Brittany is getting her hair done Saturday instead of Sunday. So basically, she has to sleep sitting up and not move much on Sunday.

So, basically, (back to the first person), I need a bubble around me when I get to New York because if someone messes up my hair, HEADS WILL ROLL.

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While I think my dress looks great on me, I’m debating if I should basically starve myself with salads all week.

YUP. yumm… I guess that’s the plan. Oye. I’ll keep ya’ll updated as I slowly get grumpier on my diet of lettuce and spinach all week.

Until later- Imma tap on outta here…

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