Well here I am sitting at the train station at 530am.. well, I got here at 445, but no matter *said in British accent* Getting ready to literally go on my adventure of a lifetime: The Tony Awards. 

Ps: I don’t know if I even updated and said I was going up to NYC Saturday, but SURPRISE!! I’m going up today…. Saturday. It’s that borderline spur of the moment spontaneous stuff, ya know how it goes. 

Anyway, what’s on the agenda today? Well, let.me.tell.you. 

Ya girl is getting her hair did on 5th avenue. FIFTH AVENUE


So, that means I can’t move around the city too much. Can’t get my luscious locks all messed up. Know what I’m sayin? ‘Cause unless you’re a celebrity, or want to pay $300 for an updo, you ain’t getting nothin done with that hair on Sunday honey. 

I’m anticipating to see famous people all weekend, but act totally cool about it. And if I see Jake, of course I’m going to make eyes at him. Not ask him for anything, just make flirty gestures. IM NOT A NORMAL CRAZY OKAY! Well, I mean I’ve got issues, like borderline, but that’s BESIDES THE POINT OKAY! 

Anyway, I’m determined to make this the best weekend of my life. I’ve got to get out of my constant need to control the situation and just let whatever happen, happen, and have fun. It’s the TONYS! 

I’ll just end with… Jake, I’m comin for you 😉

Right back atcha ^