I cannot believe today is the day. 

It’s Tony Awards day. 

I feel like I need to pinch myself, because this doesn’t feel real. 

I keep seeing pictures on Instagram of Radio City and all the reserved seats for the stars and I’m like “I’m about to be in that building… with all those people. Oh my gosh. Immmaa gonnnaa dieeaaa.” 

*why does that cat look like me?*

So here’s the update:

I didn’t go to get my hair professionally done yesterday. I decided to save the monies, (and the hotel I’m staying at took wayyy too much money in incidentals, so that was my hair money), and did my own hair. I must say, it looks pretty nice. I figure it’s Tony day, so I’ll reveal myself in steps. 

Step 1: hair. 

Let me tell you. That shiz is STIFF. ALL THE HAIR SPRAY. It is super humid in NYC today and I’m not about to let this do go flat. My hair doesn’t hold a style for anything. So, basically I’m going to remain in my hotel for most of the day to save my hair and my feet. 

Stars arrive at about 5 on the red carpet, so ya girl is going to arrive at Radio City at about 4. Pray for my feet please. 

Also, I have no idea how I’m going to get a decent picture of myself considering I’m ummm by myself? I hope strangers are friendly. They usually are when they are waiting for celebrities. I have learned that in my years of meeting Daniel Radcliffe. *hair flip* 

Until later… pray for my feet and for a Jake encounter!