Good morning. I’m alive, (my feet are dead),  and here is what happened last night at the Tonys! 

320pm: I schedule a Lyft to come pick me up because I figure taxis will be too afraid to go near Radio City… 

330pm: Lyft driver ditches me, so I have to find a new one…. okay……………….

335pm: found a new Lyft driver and he makes me walk all around 8th avenue trying to find him. Mind you, he is in a black Toyota camary…. THERE ARE LIKE 20 on 8th avenue!!! So I think I find him and it’s full of dudes and I’m like umm I think this is my driver can I get in? And they are like no… sooo awkwardly I walk away. (At least I look good). *by the way, in my dress walking down 8th avenue, I’m getting TONS of stares like I’m someone famous. Why yes, yes I am.* 

340pm: that ahole Lyft driver ditches me but CHARGES ME FOR THE RIDE. 

So, I give him a crappy review and he refunds my money. Which is good cause I was probably gonna sue. 

3:45pm: screw it. Hails taxi. “Please get me as close to Radio City as you can” I can tell my driver is irritated.. OH WELL! 

4:10pm: What feels like forever later, he drops me off at a random spot and is like oh see it, it’s over there. I make binoculars with my hands and I’m like sure and just get out because I’m irritated. 

Cops are everywhere and so are barriers.. how am I going to get over there? On my way I get compliments on my dress. *why thank you* 

I approach a cop and tell them I have a ticket and ask where I go. Meanwhile I see people who do NOT have tickets clumped around the red carpet 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 yet, I am directed away from it… NOT HAPPY. 

So, no one really tells me where to go, but they do tell me I can’t go near the red carpet even though I’ve paid a pretty penny for this ticket and there are people who haven’t paid a thing and they get to go over there. 

I just wander around and I’m literally behind the building staring at a wall…. missing the action…. *there goes any Jake sightings*

This is where my new BFF comes in. 

This fabulous guy named Danny comes in line behind me wearing this amazing blue suit. He’s from Long Island and owns a hair salon. We both are irritated that no one knows where we are supposed to be and we are standing behind a wall while everyone else gets to see famous people.. so, we figure we have an hour, let’s go try and sweet talk the cops and pretend like we are important. 

So we walked in circles from 48-50th street trying to convince cops and workers we were important and that people didn’t know what they were talking about or where to send us, cause they didn’t, and well it didn’t work. 

Meanwhile, I ALREADY feel blisters on my feet and I’m dying. I’ve hardly eaten all weekend and it’s so hot, so I’m getting the I’m about to pass out chills. Oh did I mention I’m wearing my waist trainer and spanx?? So my abdomen is SUPER HOT. Yeah, I didn’t think that one through. Beauty is pain. 

Finally we give up and get in line. The correct line. Where we can see the red carpet, but they look like ants. 

I brilliantly decide to take my shoes off and stand on the dirty sidewalk of NYC barefoot. I won’t do that in Richmond. NYC truly is my home. 

So we wait. And wait. And I feel like I’m going to pass out. But I’m a trooper and I hold back my vomit and my need for water. And they finally move us up to the front of the doors. Danny and I are first in line. 

Anndddd we have to stand there for ANOTHER FREAKING 45 MINUTES. 

A security guard comes out and he’s HILARIOUS. Of course I jokingly not joke around with him about the fact that I’m about to die and need water. We banter about me being a germaphobe because I won’t take a sip of his water and he makes fun of my shoes and how I’m dancing cause my feet hurt, (but compliments my wardrobe in the process), and he pretty much became my BFF number 2. Besides the fact that he kept Joking with me that they wouldn’t let us in until 630 when it was ORIGINALLY supposed to be 545, but they changed it to 6pm. Anything to get me to die. By the way, I literally bribed this man with a $20 bill to go buy me water and flip flops and he wouldn’t do it but he laughed for like 10 mins. He’s a good guy. I hope I see him again. 

I finally decide to sit on the step in front of the theater and a really nice woman talks to me about how she is wearing ugly sneakers to the Tony Awards. You go Glen Coco. I commend you girl. Out of you and I, you’re the smart one. I don’t care how ugly your sneakers are. She asks me if I live in New York and I want to say yes, but I tell her that’s the dream and my degree is in marketing and she tells me that’s a great degree to have and I’ll be here before I know it. 

Theater people are so freaking nice. I so belong here. 

6:05pm WE FINALLY GO IN and Danny and I make a B-line to where they sell water downstairs. As you make your way downstairs you see a whole section blocks off for the celebrities to eat and mingle. I’m like I don’t care I need water. So I buy 3 dang bottles of water and the server asks me if I’m an actress. My response is, “can I just say yes? And he’s like sure! And I’m like well then yes I am!” He was half paying attention so he may have believed me. I’m honored people thought I was famous last night. Meanwhile, Danny went to the restroom and I’m chugging water, and the dude who wrote the score? For Hamilton and won a Tony last night for Dear Evan Hensen walked right past me. God, celebrities are so short in real life. I know I have a chance now. 

We finally make our way up the huge grand staircase for some pictures. 

Then we walk a million more stairs and go take a pic of the stage from the second balcony…

(Danny and his blurry picture taking, oye.) 

Then we finally make it to the 3rd mezzanine and the view of the stage is amazing! 

So, at 7pm, the show starts for us. Jonathan Groff and Brian D’arcy James come on stage and present all the creative awards. They are so cute and charming. 

Amongst this, Mufasa, I mean James Earl Jones was given a lifetime achievement award. It was an honor to see this in person. 

The show went on and we went live and it was FANTASTIC. 

Here are other pictures from my favorites. 


Cutest winner of the night? Ben Platt. This dude is younger than me by 3 years and winning a Tony. He had the cutest acceptance speech and is just amazing all around. Love him. 

Kevin spacey did wonderfully. Kudos to him. 

Oh and I saw the rockettes perform. A dream come true. Here’s a really crappy video with my man and Tony winner (from Hamilton) Leslie Odom Jr. ​


On the downside, I don’t think Jake was there last night, but that’s okay. He’s coming back to Broadway next season, so I’ll be back. Hugh wasn’t there neither. Bummer. But I would do this again in a heart beat. Just save more money and get a red carpet pass next time. 

Who knows where life will lead next?!