He’s gone.

The real world comes back into view around me.

I am alone. Again.

I crumple to my knees and put my face in my hands. It all seems to be in slow motion.

It was not his intent to hurt me, but the pain is deafening.

What am I supposed to do with the information he’s given me?

If only I could touch someone and make them feel. Feel his pain.

Feel mine.

No. No one should feel mine. Don’t be selfish Brittany.

I sit there what feels like eternity and I finally look up. Where am I?

I’m in front of a fancy house. Upscale. Ones you see celebrities live in.

I’ve seen this house before.

I feel the temperature around me and it’s hot. Uncomfortably hot, even for the month of December.

I stand and stare at this familiar house.

I know this house. But how?

All of the sudden I hear children out back laughing.

Now I know. It’s his home. But why am I here?

I’m standing outside of his house with a confused expression on my face when a sharp pain runs across my chest.

Tell them.

I start to panic, but my feet will not move. This is all apart of his plan.

How dare he. How dare he choose me for this.

I want to die.

He won’t let me.

That’s fine. I feel used right now, so my demons are planning our demise.


Unknowingly, I am walking up the driveway and I see his car and I see the room.

I can’t do this. But he keeps moving me forward.

My hand balls in a fist and lifts against my will.

I knock.

A little boy answers.

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